This isn’t new. I’ve heard many Flat Earthers describe the world as electromagnetic and “torus” shaped:

‘I have a theory that the Earth is in fact shaped like a torus (a donut-shape). However, light is curved so we cannot tell….‘Over 24 hours, the donut performs one complete revolution,’ they instructed. ‘Spin it half way around, this signifies the passing of 12 hours.’





Screenshot 2018-11-06 at 2.43.13 PM

those are striking term breaking. All right, thanks for joining me. This is November the sixth, 2018. The flat earth report dot Com. The paper version. It’s going to be a real paper newspaper paper, not eating newspaper, which anyone can make in two minutes or no, it’s actually going to be in print. It’s going to start off monthly debut issue this month. If it goes well in 2019, it’ll become a weekly and a, my general vision for it is, uh, something along the lines of the weekly world news in terms of the presentation, the format and the content. You know, it’s going to have a repeat content, certain features. And so right now I’m actually recruiting writers, journalists, and the idea behind it is

so we cover things that are outside of the boundaries for conventional mocking bird prestitutes. Okay. So first thing, China unveils new heavenly pelus space station as I s s days are numbered. When did they say the I? S s his days are numbered. Did anybody actually declare it moribund? Did they say, oh, it’s, it’s done? Not really. There was a little hole poked in it, there was, um, a couple of other instances where they were talking about possibly phasing it out and running it without crew for awhile, but they never actually said they were bringing it down. The Russians are no longer sending anybody up because of their last rocket which blew up, which by the way, speaking of really quick here, we’re still going for hashtag drain the pool. We’re still collecting names and images and prove anything we can to consolidate into a series of videos intended to bring down the space station in the minds of the true believers. And when that rocket exploded, that Russian one, it was seeing from the ground entering into an arch as they all do, as they go into a real escape velocity just going outside birth. And they circle it twice and board the space station. However, even though from the ground we sought arking an astronaut cosmonaut, excuse me, took a picture of it and tweeted it, and he tweeted the rocket as it was actually going into space and it guess what? It was going up vertically, perpendicular, 90 degrees square.

It wasn’t working and so either what was depicted on the ground was fake or what the cosmonaut presented was fake. I mean they were both fake on some level, but I’m saying is that what we saw was a serious continuity flaw and so twitter I believe, will be the downfall of the space station and the reason why the space station is going down is because they cannot maintain the illusion because the dated special effects, the movie effects are still stuck in the early two thousands, so they’re trying to advance it of it. As we’ve become more sophisticated as viewers again, spaces the new heaven and China has their new heavenly Pellis just idealism, and I do want to remark here that if you’re voting right now you’re way out of bounds. You’re no longer a conscientious objector to the sy war. You’re participating, you’re enabling and consenting, and if you know about the sy war, if you know about stationary flat earth as a potential reality, then voting for the system is. It should be contrary to your principles. It’s definitely a shameful thing.

I’m hoping that the q followers aren’t taking a cue from the mainstream media puppet masters and voting for this or that puppet or voting against that puppet and voting for this puppet. When you take aside, you’re entering the Sy war and see what we have done. Infinite plane societies. We’ve gone post media. We’re not uninformed, we’re just not misinformed. Were very informed in fact, and what we’re doing is real time deconstruction of government propaganda lies promulgated through corporate media realtime everyday. That’s what we’re doing. This. You could consider this to be historical revisionism. We’re correcting the record because passively allowing the main stream lies to pile up amounts to history. This is how they build up statistics. This is how liars like Jim Acosta can come out and say, oh, they’ve been 15,000 school shooting victims in six years in sandy hook. Well, he’s not really lying because in his universe, you know, he citing statistics that came from these sources.

So yeah, in his view it’s real. But again, that’s what I’m talking about. There is a fine is actually the line now is so clear actually between the people who are stuck on the side of fake and those, uh, those of us who have actually stepped outside of it and who are perceiving it and so anti-media as a concept just means we’re an opposition to the passive acceptance of their lives because it builds up over time. Misinforming the public and then they do stupid things like vote for our collective enslavement. And even the Conservatives Limited governments are voting for our enslavement. They may be capitalist, but they’re voting for communism because that’s where your vote is headed. If it went towards expanding the space program, which is just a cover for environmentalism, which is just a cover for a totalitarian system, communism. So you cue followers, you just got walked off a cliff, like a bunch of lemmings. And I know lemmings don’t walk off cliffs, but they do in the cartoon. And that’s where for most of us, that analogy comes from here’s a NASA engaging in their sidebar, talking about a flying saucer photo from 14 years ago. It crashed in Utah and yes, they’re calling it a flying saucer. They’re leading you to talk about it as though it was a flying saucer, breaking news, flying saucer from outer space. NASA shares photo of flying saucer, and of course it all gets mixed up because there’s a sidewalk. This is total saturation.

Now. What we’re actually looking at is one of those fake satellites. NASA explains this flying saucer, that crash landed in Utah. This wreckage which was left partially and partially buried in the desert from the plunge, was just a return capsule from the genesis and that other element to this I find interesting, the name of it, genesis, because you know the people who believe in aliens, the people who are waiting for disclosure

are the same ones who believe that the aliens may in fact be our progenitors, that the aliens may in fact be the gods, which you know that sounds ridiculous to those of us who know that heliocentric centrism is a big lie. We know what it is. The aliens are just a replacement for something else. Saviors revelations lights from above coming down up the saved the believers destroying the nonbelievers. That is all just been recast with alien invasion, war of the worlds type scenarios. So it says this wreckage was from the genesis spaceship launch in 2001

just fascinating how they connect these dots for you like, oh, genesis. And by the way, the satellites are brought down, they land him in the poll, and accessibility here again is a mixing of science fiction and reality fiction and reality. They like to mix religion into all this, to symbolism the archetypes. It’s all very intentional. So where do the satellites fall? They fall in the satellite graveyard, which happens to be the place identified by Jules Verne as point Nimo in 20,000 leagues under the sea, and this is the same place that horror science fiction writer hp lovecraft identified as where the gods fell in the gods. Of course he insinuates are man’s creators and that they landed in their sunken city. Is that the same place? And this is where NASA lands are satellites, you know, more science fiction, but there’s a reason why they connect these dots and create these stories the way that they do.

Now. I’m someone here just said f voting. I agree with that. Um, I did vote for Donald Trump, but I did so because I wanted to see the media humiliated because they were under reporting and exaggerating and lying. And at that point I realized even if you put Captain America in the Oval Office, he’s gonna govern like George Soros, 51 percent of the time, we shouldn’t have any faith in political leaders. And I stopped following at that point. And so I take full responsibility for whatever he did during the last couple of years. I haven’t been paying attention, but I do know he didn’t do anything that I voted him in. So. Okay. Uh, so NASA posted this picture for their astronomy picture of the day. So this is coming right out of NASA’s photo department. And NASA is basically Hollywood, just like your mainstream media is Hollywood. Think about it this way, government entertainment, media, these things, they’re always intertwined. And this is just part of the government entertainment media complex. NASA is a movie production company, so here they are posting their astronomy picture of the day and they say, and this is their quote, a flying saucer from outerspace crash landed in Utah after being tracked by radar and chased by helicopters. The year was 2004, so they weren’t lying, but of course they were talking about one of their own. And of course we both know, we all know it didn’t fall from space.

Outer space is another concept that they have misinformed us about.

Okay. Now I did find something interesting this morning. I was looking into this. It was a refutation of biblical flat earth, interestingly enough, and it came from. I mean, sometimes I find Christians who talk about biblical Flat Earth as though it’s some type of a heresy. They see it as, oh, this isn’t erroneous interpretation. It’s a small cult. Um, there’s not enough scriptural foundation to come to that conclusion. And so it’s not something that’s universally accepted. And then of course, the people who believe the earth is flat because the Bible do you believe that they have the exclusive truth that everyone else is wrong. And so I came across something that I actually hadn’t really thought about, and this is from a website called the flat earth deception, and in this on this site, they talk about other explanations for things that the Bible believers get explanations for. In particular the dome. So it says here, Biblical earthers site that the enemy is covering up the flat earth theory to hide the creator, but the don’t earth could just as well have been created by aliens and left as a terrarium of sorts to allow life to grow and evolve over billions of years. So the flat earth theory really doesn’t prove that the creator is the god of the Bible.

I think it’s a valid point. It’s a valid point. And this is. This actually kind of ties in to the previous one about the UFO thing. The UFO believers also think that the god of the Bible isn’t the creator, but it’s probably an alien, like something you’ve seen in the movies.

And that’s not coincidental either. Your concepts of outer space, of aliens, of our creation have all been given to you by your tv, by your movies, by the culture, and all of this is informed by government propaganda. Coming from NASA now, I don’t spend a lot of time pointing the blame on NASA for any of this. NASA did not fold the world with Apollo Eleven. A NASA isn’t fooling the world with the space station or space junk or any of these myths. It’s the media. The media is to blame. The mainstream media is to blame and it’s bigger than just NASA because who do you think is preparing the minds of the people to accept this stuff? That’s why I’m saying you cannot separate government entertainment and media. I used to joke about the mainstream news being Hollywood, but it’s no longer a joke when you saw the thing with blazey Ford who may or may not be Kovner engaged in this bizarre masonic drag show thing where you had celebrities and family members of crisis actors all with their own political agendas of squabbling over this thing. Over this little bit of, you know, just partisan drama, it’s just partisan soap opera. It’s all theater and it has nothing to do with reality because every one of these so called leaders that you saw on TV during that entire episode from the president on down are believers in the mainstream media propaganda

or well, they may not be believers because they’re probably informed about it, but they adhere to it. It is their script. It is the reality that they are operating within and we’ve stepped outside of it and that makes us problematic because we are in a sense app estates from the Church of the MSM

and they’re treating us rather well considering how they generally treat, generally speaking, totalitarians mind controllers on this level. Don’t like people who are able to effectively criticize and undermine the authorities or the powers that be. So, you know, I’m saying right now is like non voter participation means you’re conscientiously objecting to the site war. If you’re voting you’re not objecting. You’re supporting those leaders and it’s not like it doesn’t have consequences because we have a deception that has people believed, believing in a school, shooters, Islamic terrorists. I’m about violence from immigrants in the south. All these different really just divisive propaganda lines. They continually feed, have real world consequences in how people vote, in how big the state gets, and in many other ways. I mean, you know that there are kids right now going through mandatory hyper realistic school shooter drills. I can’t even show you the quality of the special effects because my channel will get taken down for Gore.

They create real, very realistic looking effects and active shooter drills. Hyper realistic school shooter drills are in fact a form of terrorism. It is state the target being the children. So, um, beyond just being security theater beyond just reinforcing mainstream media lies and myths and inflating the sense of fear and coercing them into voting against their own property rights and therefore freedom. In addition to all that, it’s inculcating the kids with Stockholm Syndrome. Anybody can be a killer. Guns are bad, but the guys with a badge and the uniforms can kick down the door and save you, but when you’re threatened and you feel fight or flight, just huddled beneath your desk, duck in cover. I mean honestly, to me, the people participating in the school shooter drills and the principals to the teachers, to the police offers to the emt, they are complicit in state terror and the victims are these defense lifts k through 12 kids in these incubators. Really? So if you’re not conscientiously objecting to the site war, well then that’s your fault. It’s not mine. I opted out. I’m not voting today.

All right. Um, so those of you who just got here, um, hey, look, this channel was shut down for a month because I docs one of my stockers. So I got out of facebook prison and I’m not going to have it taken down again. The idea here is every day a flat earth report, you will be the most informed, flat earth or on your block. I mean, look, I break everything. I was the one who broke. I wouldn’t even say it because I don’t want to rub. I don’t want to bring that up again, but I wasn’t one who did bring up that Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo are going to be at the conference. So if you want insight information, if you want to be in the know you have to go to the flat through [inaudible] dot com or infinite plane and join us because they’ve shut down more than three dozen of my channels.

I have confessions from the people involved on how they managed to illegally claim copyright over my voice, trademark over my voice on Youtube. And Youtube honors it. So I do not own my voice on Youtube. Joe Rogan’s friend does and they shut me down every chance they get. They may even go after this, but in the meantime, um, I’ve managed to maintain a continuity of a content creation in think tanking with most of the same people for the last year and a half because we’ve had this email and it’s, it’s going to be easier to consolidate us. You know, those of us, the posts, globe, auto hoaxing, we know the media is fake. We know the media is to blame for a lot of it.

I mean we’re, we’re really, we have been from day one really pushing the line here, you know, we brought the billboard campaign out which changed the dynamic of the conversation and it’s important to do so. You know, NASA is putting out their own vans, Air Jordans. Thirty three is based on a NASA technology, NASA moon boots or whatever. And I see I go to the past by a, an outlet store and I see in the window a bunch of space force jerseys with patches and everything. And of course they’re reaching out to the kids who didn’t grow up. You know, you had a kids who didn’t grow up with a moon landing hoax. They weren’t brought up believing Neil Armstrong to be some type of a hero. And so they didn’t form that emotional bond. You know, when people say, oh, we landed on the moon, I was there. No, you weren’t there. These guys over there where you’re at home on your couch and the TV was on,

but in order to give the people the sense that this is like a team effort or they had to produce all kinds of movies like the last man, they had to put out new moon landing movies and then how many hours, I mean look, three hours a night, four hours a night, how many hours does the average kid play video games and then you take that many hours times the number of months times and over years added up. How many hours did they spend in a simulated space environment where they were given indoctrination into physics of outer space and traveling to these different bodies and working with gravity, interacting with aliens existing in a heliocentric universe in their minds. That kind of immersion to me is typical of brainwashing programs where they control all of your cultural inputs from the movies. You see the games, you play comic books. Everything is informed by it. Everything in the government backs it up. You have the president now with the space force and you know Elon Musk and him are getting along fine.

In fact, at the risk of offending you, trump supporters, a Donald Trump from now on, I’m going to start calling him Donald Musk and the other guy, Elan trump, so donald musk has the same goal as space x and NASA, which have the same goal of the psychopaths who wrote up agenda 20, 30, and who wrote the scripts to the doomsayers, Stephen Hawking about how the world’s going to end. We have no choice. We have to go. These are the same people who are in total agreement with crazy eyes. Jeff Bezos, who says that we’re going to have to crack down on freedom and maintain status to save the planet, even if that means regulating birth rates. But if you want freedom, you can always go to is lunar colony on the moon, which to me looks like you’re living in a big subway tunnel. Mining icicles all day. So yes, just a heads. We do have a Joe Rogan has announced that he will be there with Eddie Bravo and what wasn’t really announced. It was a, a leaked email, a leaked email. Okay. Let me continue through my notes here. So we do still want to make a point to bring down the ISS, bring down the ISS, drain the pool. 20 19 drain. The pool can happen. We’re not really taking down this orbiting object up there in space. We’re just taking down the blind belief people have in it.

So if you have any sort of videos or memes or any kind of, um, content relating to the fake space station, go ahead and send it to through the contact form or better yet, join us and just share it. And the discord. If you join us to get into discord, we’re putting this stuff together because a draining the swamp is vague. You know, one of the ways that politicians get away with under delivering is they give very vague goals. Build the wall. Well, it wasn’t specific enough and now here, two years later, there’s been not one brick lane lay down for that wall. Nothing. Nothing has been done and nobody asks any question. I remember two years ago they were chanting, drain the swamp, lock her up. Nobody got locked up, no swamp got drained. I mean, look, last month, so headline, hundred and 30 kids being trafficked caught up in founded Michigan, dig a little deeper. It was a total example of fake news, just totally fake and someone they would actually unpacked it and they realize that you look, this person came from here, this was conflated from this. This isn’t true, and spreading rumors about things getting done doesn’t get things done automatically. Assuming the best or hoping for the best is just as bad as just automatically believing everything you’re told.

That’s why one of the prerequisites and it’s on the membership agreement for the Infinite Plane Society, is that you take the side of the auto hoaxer. We are the only ones on the side of the presumption of innocence and standing up for the freedom of speech. Really no one else is. If you’re not auto hoaxing, if you don’t know what that is, you’re not paying attention and you don’t know how bad the situation is. People say, I don’t watch the news. Well then you’re uninformed and if you’re uninformed, it leaves you in a precarious position of you don’t have enough information to refute what you’re told when they give you some really bad information or information that’s important. So let’s say you just ignore the news media all the time. Well, you’re ignoring all of the bad ideas that are being believed by most of your neighbors and family and friends and will inform how they respond to stimuli, to events. So when a fake flying saucer or a fake piece of space junk lands in your neighborhood, you know, wouldn’t you rather be someone who is aware of a plan in place to use such events to catalyze the nation’s behind unity in the name of brotherhood and advancing the space as a species like this one, worldism needs, triggers. It needs catalyzing events. It needs nine slash 11.

The space nine slash 11 is coming. Space Forces there for a reason. It’s not just there for us to laugh at it, there’s a reason for it. They’ve left gaps in the space, treaties leaving it open for China to use anti satellite ballistics, so also NASA and these hosts with his blue origin, and then you have mous with space x. Then you’ve got Branson with Virgin Galactic, you know these guys have been pretty much taken the lead in where outer space exploration is going, trying to can’t keep up, so now China is lessening restrictions, deregulating and pouring billions of dollars, hundreds of billions of dollars into private space entrepreneurs in China to compete with Bezos and musk and Branson. So we have a new space race and it’s a private space race. And remember the original one, you know, America versus Russia was fake. They were never on opposite sides. That’s also an important point. The space station reveals it. Every single astronaut that you see, of course you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. You’re seeing half a dozen astronauts in space. How many people are in that film crew are in that pool or operating the editing equipment? How many people are in on this entire operation? How big is it?

You’re looking at a movie studio and you’re just seeing the actors. You’re just seeing the front of it, so it’s a bigger operation and so I think it’s safe to say that every person participating in the fake space station, movie, propaganda film is guilty of treason because who are they working with? I mean the cosmonauts and what do they all sharing information about Jaxa, Esa, all of them.

It’s all very, very interesting. Right? And then you think about how we know it’s all just a movie. So they script things and so they tell us certain things and it’s all very intriguing. But my main point is that if they were never working against one another, if they have always been in cooperation, then it totally makes sense to me. That space for us would be sold to the Americans as progress. You know? We’re just trying to beat them with trying to assert ourselves up there, but it’s all just a cover anyway because we’re headed towards the same place. Because remember, even if you’re a limited government conservative, if you’re behind the space program, you’re actually advancing communism because it’s space. Communism always has been, so now make sense to me. It really does. The the Russian space program, the Americans have always worked together and it kind of makes me wonder too, because I’ve noticed that the Mars program, if you really objectively analyze it really is just a gulag program. It’s creating work colonies, labor colonies in far out remote areas, making themselves sustaining.

So I’m wondering now if the Gulag system never went away, they just started dressing it up a little bit more like Mars and maybe you already have your Martian reception centers ready for newcomers on their space, x cattle carts to be shipped off to their Siberian outpost where they can form potatoes and call it progress. I mean that’s the greatest achievement of the space program is to connect progress with giving up your essential freedom with the cessation of consumerism. Because again, why do we need a space program? They always have two different ways of selling it to you. If they can’t sell you on the glorious vision of Jetson’s in the sky, they sell you on doom if you don’t. So if we don’t all get together and go for jetsons, you know, go for progress in space which does involve eliminating private property. Um, well then if we don’t do this, than the earth is doomed because our collective carbon footprints will continue to cause the oceans to rise and we’ll flood. And among other things, we’ll get zapped by fire NATO’s and whatever other kinds of CGI special effects and come up with so you don’t go. You’re damned if you do go. You go with the program. You’re not going to Mars with your credit card and your iphone, your wardrobe in your car. The only tessalon Mars is going to be loans and he is the Elan,

the Elan being a course, the name for the dictator on Mars in the Mars project by Wernher von Braun who helped write this script for your future Disneyland along with Walt Disney. No space is Disneyland. It really is. And if you believe in outer space and this idea that it’s synonymous with progress. And that we’re becoming multiplanetary. You might as well walk around wearing mickey mouse ears on your head. You really should. I mean, that’s. I mean at least identify yourself as totally brainwashed by cartoons. Russia reports, computer bug on the ISS. How convenient. How convenient. Didn’t we not predict it? One year ago on January first we had 10 predictions. We said they’re going to bring down the space station because it can’t keep up the special effects while look, Russia space agency says it’s malfunctioned, but the glitch doesn’t pose any risks.


This is an excerpt from MGTV’s letter to Youtube’s legal department in which he claimed legal ownership of my Trademarks and my physical VOICE:

“Dear YouTube,

I am the legal owner of the name ‘TIMOZMAN’ and ‘INFINITE PLANE SOCIETY’ They are just two of MY brand names. That is ME in the video speaking. To prove it as such, I have pointed my domain name and brand identity TIMOZMAN dot COM to my YouTube Channel that hold that same name, as well as INFINITEPLANESOCIETY.ORG I have also copied in myself to this email using my brand identities. Please let me know if you wish to communicate with me via those email addresses if it helps.”

Screenshot 2018-11-05 at 8.30.37 AM


[00:09] The topic is free speech and Flat Earth which applies to truthers in general. If you don’t support the free flow of information and ideas, especially the idea is you don’t agree with, you can’t call yourself a truther. The only reason why we have any information at all on what we do is because it got through filters. That’s why I have an issue with people who would filter the ideas of other people instead of arguing against him. Like I don’t think that if somebody doesn’t agree with your model, you need to burn their books, but there are people who react like, oh, I don’t agree with their side. I better burn their books, remove their ideas from the discussion, and that’s a bunch of crap to me. I think that the best way to get rid of bad ideas is to shine a light.

[01:09] That’s why I’m not saying Burn Globes. I’m saying deconstruct it because it’s all a mental construct anyway. You know, anti-media doesn’t mean that you should be against journalism or journalists. It just means that you oppose the incident in itself and the idea is that you can have these centralized networks of experts tell you what is and what isn’t real as though they aren’t politically motivated. And Fake News, by the way, is fake news. This channel and the infinite plane society is about the real fake news that the fake news doesn’t want you to know about. They want you to think that the fake is limited to partisan bias or agenda driven media, which it all is and it’s all biased obviously, but they just want you to think, oh, fake news is a journalist who’s betraying journalistic standards. No, actually fake news is Hollywood productions designed and scripted by government agencies presented through the news media to a brainwashed public that’s fake news and people have no idea how much of it is fake, and this is my main criticism of the so called flatters community, and the reason why the infinite plane society has to remain distinct.

[02:39] We have to remain distinct because no one else in this spends any time at all criticizing the media itself. You have to know it’s not a handful of astronauts pretending to be in space in a movie theater in a movie stage, excuse me, like excuse me, like essentially have a film production studio where the ISS is being filmed, but it’s not just five or six actors and a camera guy. It’s not like a little operation. You’re talking about a Hollywood movie production going on 20 years plus a whole studio. Do you know how many people it takes to keep a sitcom going

[03:22] from the catering on up so you’re dealing with a not just a military operation of propaganda operation when it comes to convincing the public of the existence of the space station, but you’re also talking about a big movie production and that’s where I think you have to keep in mind. You can never separate the media from entertainment and of course both of these are wings of your government. That’s the big secret. 9-11. Actually let that go. What 9-11 revealed that people missed. It wasn’t directed energy weapons, it wasn’t just about false flag attacks. Know what nine slash 11 actually revealed is that all of the media outlets are centrally controlled. That’s the. That’s the big thing. They don’t want you to know.

[04:14] That’s why if you’re post globe at this point, you should also be post media, meaning you should recognize that treating the centralized media, treating big media networks as relevant is perpetuating the globe because again, it wasn’t a handful of astronauts and it wasn’t just the crew that faked the moon landing. It was the mainstream media that played it. It was the state, you know the, the public school teachers, the educators who reinforced it. It was the newspapers who repeated it, you know, from, from the actual creation of the event or the staged event, like on the moon landing or any of these school shootings you have like the people we see, you see the crisis actors, you see the so called victims and the villains, but you don’t see the actual stage, like you don’t actually see the fourth wall who’s behind it, who’s offering the cameras and you never see the directors. That’s why I had an issue with site thorn journalists confronting crisis actors. It’s like, hey man, you’re looking at the bottom rung. You know some idiot who signed an NDA. He couldn’t cut it in Hollywood, so he goes to work for the government. Really, you should be looking for the director who wrote the script and I’ve seen them being recycled. There are scripts.

[05:36] I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the author of the hunger games lived in sandy hook or that the cinematographer, the guy who did the film actually filmed the hunger games, had a son named Elliot Rogers who participated in a up on the other side of the country, and by the way, Elliot Rogers, his grandfather did war for the Holocaust. It’s like a family business and that’s something else you also find with a lot of these crisis acting gigs is that they do involve family members for obvious reasons. There are many reasons why they would do so and so it never surprises me when man who was at Las Vegas shooting loses a son to the parkland shooting. They always tie these things together. But anyway, my main point here today has to do with the free flow of information and one thing that the media will never do is it will never allow the free flow of information because it’s not its purpose.

[06:38] The institution of media is all about this notion that you can have a panel of experts that could perfectly deliver the news and they can’t and they don’t, nor would they if they could. The media. The media has always been government controlled. It’s not like we ever had a free press and then it just progressively became less and less free. No, the media has been utterly controlled since day one. Alternative media is a hoax. Alternative media is all astroturfing. Just the new face of Fox and CNN. Independent media is worthless if it bases its criticisms and narratives off of the mainstream media ones, treating them as real. You know you shouldn’t be offering your spin on fake news and propaganda. You should be deconstructing it and that’s what we’re doing and that’s what the infinite plane society is about. Deconstructing. So you have to look at the big picture in order to make this happen, and this involves analyzing how they get people to accept things and deconstructing their stories because that’s what this is really about. The stories they can get you to accept. Did you accept the story about militant Islamic terrorists, about anthrax, about bombs in airports inserted into shoes and underwear. Did you buy that narrative that we were under attack? Did you believe the story that you were told? Because you never saw it, you weren’t attacked. None of you were. None of you saw it.

[08:16] The only saw it on tv and you might hear people say, oh, I saw something. No, they didn’t. Generally you’re dealing with people who are inserting themselves into the story, but it’s really just for much a collective memory that came out of the TV screen. None of us saw the man land on the moon, but 17 million people witnessed it on tv and it’s really about synchronizing peoples perceptions of events to get them to talk about it at the same time and immerse them in the illusion to the point where you really don’t have any reason not to believe it’s really about consensus and creating a very self, you know, a really confident and self assured self reinforcing echo chamber, and that’s what the mainstream media does in conjunction with everything else as in media is intertwined with what the politicians and with entertainment and what the celebrities are doing.

[09:07] I mean, you remember nine slash 11 when that happened, celebrities came out of nowhere. Suddenly celebrities became relevant for their opinions. You know, James Wood has been like the most vocal twitterer on the right wing, always afraid whenever he sees a guy with a turban in the airport and he has to tweet about it. It’s like, dude, it was fake from day one and all you’re doing is you’re inculcating bigotry into the right. That can be played against on the left. I mean, the whole thing. Just one set of polarities after another that they set up, they create, it’s their divide and conquer game and the only way out of it is recognizing the source, which is the controllers, the mainstream media. So I think the only way to get people to recognize what the media is is the first day what it isn’t, which is it is not a journalism, it is not.

[09:58] I’m sorry. It’s not a journalistic endeavor to fill you in on the facts of reality though the mainstream media is the state church and it serves that function and it’s really intended to keep you in line and to keep you believing in certain things. And it’s really about the future. So one of the things that the mainstream media does on all sides of the SPEC, I mean it’s not just the left the right wing, but buys into it now, is selling you on the inevitability of space as being synonymous with progress and space travel and becoming multiplanetary. Elan Musk and Donald Trump are best friends and they both agree on space force. You know, I stopped through a couple of department stores the other day and I just saw Nasa Swag Space Force hoodies with all the patches. You got vans with NASA on the side. You see what they’re doing is they’re preparing people for something and what the preparing everyone for.

[11:01] I think the space age I’m really is just. It’s neo feudalism, but it’s being sold as this utopian thing. It space communism and if you look at the propaganda, the Soviets used to sell people on this. It was basically if we all unite, we all get together and we give our power to these experts in these technocrats and the scientists who are appointed by the government that can save us from the destruction of the planet and we can have the jetsons on the moon. So just scrolling through Netflix, every other movie has to do with either alien invasions or climate change. Catastrophe. It just all propaganda. It’s all narrative. Even the kids movies, you know, I was talking about this the other day. I just watched wally now wall. He is about a robot who cleans up the trash on planet because of human beings have used up all the resources and the left first thing you see a globe in outer space than the camera zooms in

[12:02] and as the camera zooms in, you see that the planet has a shell of space junk that the camera has to punch through to get down to the surface. Okay? Now, uh, I see someone here laughing at space communism. No. Listen, environmental ism is a cover for communism. This is not a secret. It’s very easy to understand when you understand that they’re just using the environment as the new victim class. So instead of the poor against the rich, now what’s the rich and the consumers against the environment itself. It’s a universal victim that they can advocate for. And Social Justice Warrior for now environmentalism leads us to conclude that the world is coming to an end. So we have to go to another planet like Mars. And so the space program has a vested interest in the climate getting worse because it justifies its existence. And Moreover, NASA supplies most of the information about what’s happening to the planet because they’re the only ones you can see it from up above.

[13:05] So they using the space program and the promise of becoming a multiplanetary species to convert this into communism. It’s an agrarian reformation. What do you think you’re going to do on Mars? Start a business. No, you’re going to Mars because you going to farm potatoes. I mean, that’s exactly what it is. Look up space, communism on the Internet. Look up the old Soviet propaganda. That’s another, another aspect to it. Okay? So they’ve always sold us on the Worker’s Paradise. The worker’s Paradise is what happens when the capitalists have been expropriated and they share the wealth. And then there’s no need for competition, no need for employees and employers. Everybody’s equal, right? And that’s this promise of equality. And the idea of becoming multiplanetary and all that is leaving behind the things on earth that lead to inequality in war and injustice. So you can guarantee that landing on Mars also means leaving behind your capitalism. You’re Maga hats, your guns, your property rights. Someone at the south by southwest last year asked Elon Musk, what kind of government will you have on Mars? He said, direct democracy, and if you remember Warner von Braun Mars project wrote about the Elan dictator on Mars, in which he said the governmental structure would be analogous to that in Rome with lifetime appointees, Pope Elan,

[14:37] now the communist, I’ve always sold us on the worker’s paradise because if they can get you to see if they can convince the workers of the world, Hey, workers of the world, if we all just stopped working, we can seize the means of production and make everything equal, but everybody has to agree and there has to be a mass movement to collectively over throw know. So it’s all about unity in this unity of purpose. And if we all just unify, we can have this perfect future religion sell offs in the same thing. If everybody just converts, we can have a golden age. It’s promising a golden age. If you all go along with the program unanimously every religion sells it. Every government sells it, but then the other side of it is if people don’t go for it or you have people who resist it, you have to sell them on a doomsday. So if we all just give up capitalism, we get worker’s paradise, just go farm a few hours a day, but mostly just spend your time in culture and learning about different things, but just talking and hanging out, playing dominoes or whatever. But the other side of it is if they don’t want to go with it, if they’re not compelled by your vision, like I’m not interested in going to Mars. So since they can’t compel me to go, they have to come up with something and that something is. If they don’t agree, then this.

[15:55] Okay.

[15:55] So if they don’t agree to give up their capitalism and their carbon footprints to go to Mars, tell them that the world’s going to end. So it’s like you don’t really even have a choice anyway. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

[16:10] Yeah. With Neil degrasse Tyson said, during south by southwest, I’ll, I’ll pull that up because you know these people are propagandists and they’re telling the stories. Last year Neil degrasse Tyson was on the Joe Rogan experience and he said, Joe Rogan said, has anything ever been hit by a piece of space junk? And Neil said, no, I mean I don’t any change the subject. Never went back to it and I’m thinking, wait a minute, how can they sell us on space? Junk Armageddon. If nothing up, there’s ever getting hit it. No nothing. So I started just kind of, I’m making that point on my live streams continuously. Hey look, no space junks ever hit anything because they’re trying to sell us on space hotels and luxury space, the cations. And so if they have it turned into like a war zone of there, well they’re going to have a hard time selling tickets to their moon hotels. So I can see that the private space agencies and the government space agencies have a little bit of a conflict of interest. You know, both of them are in on the scam, but one want space to be scary. The other wants it to be attractive,

[17:23] so it’s interesting to see where this goes because the propaganda, like in that children’s film, wally space, junk was everywhere,

[17:31] so I don’t think they’re going to bring out the space junk. Maybe space junk reclamation will be a thing very soon, but anyway, when Neil degrasse Tyson brought it up, it made me realize, hey, the guy didn’t have an answer when Joe said has anything ever been hit, which means he was given a line. Hey Neil, it’s time to start talking about space junk a little more so we can start, you know, so we can start selling people in the idea that we need to take care of yet another universal problem. And they love universal problems because they’re trying to universalize. It’s all about a one world state

[18:09] and I see everyone capitulating to it. By the way, if you haven’t looked into it, look up. Why do they burn obelisks in Iran? It’s fascinating. They have a tradition there of throwing stones at obelisks and that tradition has been kind of pushed to the side and some areas and so that this new organization came up where they burn obelisks, they make it look like the Washington monument. They put mason signs on it, dollar signs on it, Israel flags on it, and they torch it and they do it because they believe it’s a symbol of imperialism, so they see it as an affront to their own religion, but it’s interesting because in the same area where they burned the obelisks, they have actually recently accepted a space program, and so this is the universal nature of space as the new heaven because it is the heaven that everyone excepts. Muslims, Christians, Jews and atheists. Most importantly, all the atheists out there, they can’t wait to go to heaven

[19:18] and even the idea of going to heaven go into space being synonymous with giving up your worldly possessions. It’s completely biblical. It’s completely all about. You know, the rich can no more enter through the gates of heaven than a camel capacity. The eye of a needle. It’s about giving up your worldly ways because what made this world uninhabitable? You’re worldly ways, your carbon footprint, your breathing, your life. You’re a carbon based life form. You are a tumor on the side of mother earth and there are so many of you that the earth like Stephen Hawking late, great Stephen Hawking said, Oh yeah, in 30 years the world is going to turn into a ball of fire because of all the people who are. I think there’s over reproduced. They have just used up all the resources, peak oil, everything else. You’re all going to die. And I’m like, man, this guy’s crazy. He’s a doomsayer so negative and nobody ever calls him out on it and then it gets worse. Even if we escape the earth, according to Stephen Hawking, we have to do with aliens

[20:25] who probably won’t like us that he said, if we receive transmissions from extra terrestrials, we ought not reply because we don’t know what they will do to us. I mean, the guy was always about fear and before he died he said, even if you escape one, there’s no god and to the universe itself is probably going to implode at some point anyway. I mean, these people are just full of doom and. But anyway, the space program itself is the heaven program. Uh, the whole idea of Catholic, which means universal is getting everybody underneath the same system. It’s the tower of Babylon reaching from heaven to Earth and Earth to the heavens. It’s the, the unifier, the great unifying universal religion. The one world religion is the space program and the symbol of this universal religion in its previous iteration was the obelisk still is, but it’s really been replaced by the rocket.

[21:20] It serves the same. The rocket is a symbol of imposition. It’s the cult of the obelisk. Doesn’t matter if you see it in DC, in St Peter to Silica at the Vatican. If you see it in Iran, you see it in North Korea in the form of a so called nuclear warhead. That’s just the cult of the obelisk. And they rule you through terror, through the media. By getting you to believe in their various stories. So what I was in returning to my earlier point about the media is that if you’re not anti media and post media in your mindset, if you’re still believing in the stories they’re telling, you’re still on the ball,

[21:59] you may think otherwise, but you’re still on the ball if you think that kids are getting shot at these fake school shootings and if you don’t understand what it means that these events are even happening. It’s not just Democrats trying to get your guns. Every single school shooting we have. And this is why I have no hope in, in politicians. By the way. You know, I saw Eric Holder’s role 20 years ago. We got to brainwash the youth. Just keep repeating the message, Anti Gun, Anti Gun, anti gun. Then we have 20 years of school shootings. So I think, okay, well it makes sense. You know, he and Obama, they’re both commies. Of course, they want to take our guns, take our property, et cetera. So I’m thinking, well trump comes along. We’re not going to see school shootings and if we do, he’s going to call bs or he’s going to expose how the media is deceitful and treacherous and he’s always calling the media liars. He called the media into his office like the very first day in office and he excoriated them as a bunch of liars. Most of them are crying afterwards and yet every time there’s a cyop, he gives it his presidential stamp of approval. Tweet, tweet, tweet.

[23:06] It’s like, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to let this clown declare war on my behalf to defend me from an enemy I don’t believe in and yet, look, he expands the space program. I mean, people have no idea. I mean this. Okay? The space horse isn’t just a joke. I mean they actually did this thing and the story’s already out there. I’ve been following very closely and they laid this out in advance. This is a pro. This is a peanut production, you know, project for a new American century. Well, they already changed the world into a post nine, 11 world. They invent. This was the alien invasion. Okay. The alien invasion that was to unify the governments came in the form of fake Islamic terror. Nine slash 11 was your alien invasion. It really was. So the next step in their plan for unifying everybody is now a unifying space.

[24:01] They, the unified really did have a unity of purpose here but down below, but how do they regulate what’s above and I think it has to do with this. Russia and China haven’t signed on outer space treaties that stipulate that they cannot use anti satellite weapons, so it may just be about territory, territorial disputes and and the reason I think so as I was trying to start a business in space, junk reclamation with Saturn x, you know, it started off as a satire. Then we got serious about it. We came up with a proposal, came up with an idea that I still think is great and it involves not what you’ve seen with space junk recommendation where they shoot these stupid nets out into zero space and capture things and it’s all fake looking CGI. My thinking is space junk, compact or that uses electromagnetics to draw the object in, inspects it to make sure it belongs to us because you can’t throw away Chinese space junk, they’ll, you’ll start a war.

[25:00] And so once it’s been approved, it takes it in, compacts it, and then the compacted junk gets jettisoned off to the moon and we sell it to Jeff Bezos as upcycling material because he’s going to be the first one to put it lunar bases. I mean that was the idea. So I, I call a darker installation at white sands, New Mexico who deal with space junk and they realtime monitor space debris. And I said, hey look, I’ve got a proposal. I got some backers here. We might put a space junk reclamation or on a rocket and have it thrown into orbit. Uh, what are the procedures for making this happen to any new permission? Can I use the space port here? And I was basically told, no I can’t. I will create some kind of international event if I put anything up there and touch anything. So it’s very sensitive.

[25:48] They monitor every piece of junk up there, something like 33,000 real time now. I mean, we know it’s all fake, but that’s their story. And so the next phase of their story is turf wars up above and I think this might be like see everything seems to just be overstated in the prophecy, the prophecy of the, Oh, there’s going to be an alien invasion. It’s just terrorist in another country or there’s going to be a meteors, a meteor, showers or asteroids while I think it’s going to be space junk and that space junk is going to be falling down on us as a result of space wars. And that’s what I think the next nine slash 11 is going to be because project for the new American Century in their documents when they were planning their next catalyzing event there, next Pearl Harbor, the nine slash 11 they gave us, they were talking about space weapons. So I think it’s a hint.

[26:48] Okay. So, um, but to my original point, if you’re not criticizing the media as the real culprit, you’re missing everything. The media didn’t. I mean, NASA didn’t do the fake moon landing. NASA isn’t doing the fake space station. It’s the mainstream media. Elan Musk didn’t trick you into thinking that there is a tesla roadster flying to Mars. The media did that and by the way, kind of a side topic, but I was doing some research into the character, Nikola Tesla, and he was planning to and claimed actually I guess he had some success in it. He was planning to communicate with Mars, with electricity and so I found a lot of articles having to do a tesla sending signals to Mars and how people thought he was so eccentric and so out there and it makes me wonder how much of this Elon Musk character is an act and that he’s purposefully acting in ways where he can be described as an idiot savant, genius, misunderstood, eccentric, all of it. Enact everything I’ve read on the guy or I’ve heard from his own mouth makes me think that he’s a a construct.

[28:02] Okay. Now my original topic here, free speech on flat earth has to do with the free flow of information and that also implies filter free. You know, because we have filter, so it doesn’t matter if you had the freedom to choose from 100 options. If five other options have been excluded and those five might have been ones that you would have wanted or that made more sense, you know, sorta like science by consensus, as Neil degrasse Tyson will tell you where Al Gore will tell you, 97 percent of scientists believe in global warming. Therefore it’s true. Well, what about the three percent? What if three percent of the scientists know something that the other 97 percent don’t? Maybe they know you can’t trust so called satellite data about the melting ice caps. Maybe they know this. Maybe they know Antarctica as it’s being described by the mainstream scientists, by the glow of the accepted model is a hoax, is a farce, isn’t what they say. So the truth is being excluded. That’s why I think all ideas ought to be accessible. Free flow of information. If it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t have come to conclusions. We’ve come to. I mean, you think about this, uh, the flat earth as we understand it today, or this idea didn’t just emerge on Youtube in 2015. It’s been around. There is a guy putting up flatter billboards 100 years ago.

[29:25] The thing is over. Well, I’m pretty much everything. Okay, so about 2013, 20, 15, many conspiracies just suddenly hit the web. But the reason why is that it was the free flow of information. We weren’t waiting for it to be aired on network network tv. It’s just individuals. We’re uploading stuff. So it was inevitable that by opening the dams, every idea would get out there. Bad End, good. Bigfoot, Cipa, Cobre, Nibiru, 2012 mayan prophecies, flat earth. It all got out there, all of it. And the ideas I have merit have stuck with us and the ones that don’t have been pushed away to the margin, but it wasn’t network execs deciding which conspiracies are and are not appropriate for you to think about. And it’s not them giving it to you on the x files or in coast to coast. No, you’re actually not having your perceptions curated now.

[30:20] That’s why you’re listening to me right now. You stopped having your perceptions curated as have I, and we’ve arrived at many of the same conclusions or we’re looking in the same direction on certain things. So this free flow of information is a prerequisite to the truth getting out, and I’m getting to this. My Youtube Channel had been shut down 34 times in a little over a year and we’re talking about 196 distinct false DMC, a copyright take down notices in addition to other tactics. But I’m talking about a fraudulent trademark infringement copyright infringement where someone claimed copyright over my voice and Youtube has granted him rights to it. So I’m just pointing this out because if you don’t like someone’s ideas, um, wouldn’t you want them to be heard so that they could be brought into disrepute so you could refute them. And so I don’t think it’s a free speech.

[31:33] I mean, it’s a flatter the value, you know, to hate free speech. I think free speech is a prerequisite. If it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t have any of these ideas to discuss. And so one final point is this, um, I don’t intend to let this individual get away with it and I also intend to hold all the people around them who support them accountable for some, for backing up what he did, because I see this as modern day book burning. They’re burning books real time. They’re getting rid of information instead of instead of allowing you to think about it for yourself. And so you figured out the world of stationary because you stopped having your perceptions curated by special interests. So why are you going to allow people among us to curate and censor your perceptions? You know, if you go in a chat room and if you just see people being banned for expressing contrary ideas, well that’s a sign that you’re looking at some type of a containment operation. I only banned people for Rudeness and Ad Hominem attacks. That’s it. So anyway, I’m going to be streaming here on this channel for the next couple of weeks. Go to the infinite plane and click donate to find the mad Mike Hughes Fund. We’re trying to bring him to Denver and I will be back on later. I’m just testing out the software. I will see you all later.