His insistence on investigating and questioning the gender of anyone who crosses him has earned him the nickname, “The TRANSVESTIGATOR.” A “transvestigation” is the act of questioning whether or not a person’s gender comports with their biological sex.
Nothing against the transgendered; I’m just pointing out the FACT that many Flat Earthers are opposed to the LGBTQ+ “agenda”, and see it as a Satanic attack on traditional moral values.

Here is what he had to say about me on a recent video posted by former Power Ranger stunt double Marcus Goldfinch:

“Look guys, this goes to all those who see this and the other threatening and/or abusive messages from Alan Connors/IPS (yes, it is Alan Connors that is his real name, not the others he’s used.)”

First doxing me with my “real name” Alan Conners. Lol. His research skills are even worse than his transvestigations (he once claimed to know for a fact that I am also a transgendered person). Antonio Subirats continues with:

“What we are seeing from that individual is what results when a young child (Alan Connors) is sexually abused and does not receive effective counselling – counselling that would have him understand how the wrongdoing was not his, but his abuser/s, and it is they that are to blame and nobody else.”

So the Transvestigator is now a psychiatrist as well? Surely you can trust him about the shape of the world. And here is where he explains why I’m so evil:

“I’m not joking here. What we are seeing is the manifestation of internalised ‘blame’ – blame for actions that a kind god would have made impossible, hence Alan Connors hatred of that ‘kind god.’ (I write ‘god’ without capital to highlight his misconstruing of what God is.).”


Antonio Subirats is worse than a bad, unfunny joke. He’s a hater on a perpetual witch-hunt; a vindictive little rat bitch, as evidenced by the way he called me on Skype to warn me that his ex-girlfriend, Patricia Steere, is actually “a man”, and that he was fooled and wanted to ensure no one else made the same “mistake”.

Antonio Subirats is a terrible person. Just sayin. If you like this blog, click the Donate button below. In your donation note or specify a topic and/or person you want me to write about. I am happy to take suggestions.

Alan Conner


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