MGTV-TRUTH, in violation of a Cease and Desist I sent him last week, messaged me again this morning, this time, with an extortion attempt on behalf of the Flat Earth International Conference organizers!

He sent me a link to an unlisted video snippet, part of a longer video which will “expose” Infinite Penguin Press as a “fraud”, whatever that means:


^ That email, sent this morning links to the following video:


“This is a snippet of a 17 min video that also proves Infinite penguin Fraud”

Here, he uses the word “Fraud” to describe a publishing company that has published my book Secret Religion of The Elite.

Now here is where Marcus Goldfinch attempts extortion on behalf of the Flat Earth International Conference organizers, part of his demands includes deleting this very blog:

“…..Wordpress blog, remove posts. YT, delete the 6 Videos you have on ‘private’. FEIC dont want to make your threat public as it will affect the sales… But they will if you do not remove the posts from WordPress.”

Extortion is a felony. And the threat does not have to relate to an unlawful or violent act. Other types of threats sufficient to constitute extortion include those to harm the victim’s business. Therefore, MGTV-Truth has just committed a felonious act (again) and has done so on behalf of the Flat Earth International Conference Organizers.

I am already suing MGTV-Truth for False DMCA copyright takedowns. Now I will have to file another police report, call the FBI again, and add this. Extortion. And of course, I’ll have to add the names of the FEIC organizers in the report.


As I said, I am taking down The Collective. I will not remove this blog, despite what any of them demand. Death threats have not worked. Even the rapey threats against my sister-in-law have not dissuaded me.

Please support my lawsuit if you can. Or just share this post. I’ve already started the ball rolling but this is a process which will take time, money, and attention over the next few months. Thanks again to my existing supporters. I wouldn’t be standing up to this organized criminal behavior without you.




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