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Josh Walker was on Youtube the other day dropping my “dox” during my live stream. This is a form of intimidation and bullying, and is against Youtube’s TOS. He did so with the intent of harassment. Lots of Flat Earth Christian extremists have been harassing me over the last year and Josh is just the lastest.

He made a video of my reaction and called it “Trolling the Biggest Flat Earth Troll”. In other words, he set out to bully me. But he didn’t expect I’d call him.

He uploaded a video with a slide show of pictures of me, and again, this is targeted cyber-harassment.


Strangely, he was trolling me, making videos, and having fun while SUPPOSEDLY ON HIS DEATH BED, AS A GOFUNDME CAMPAIGN CLAIMS:

“He was on deaths door step. The doctors said they’ve never seen a case as bad as his….”

“Please help us support our brother. He’ll be out of work for weeks recovering.” 

Out for weeks? Really? Death’s door? Really?

I don’t believe it for one second. But Patricia Steere does. And on the TROLL VIDEO about me, she doesn’t call him out for being a BULLY and harassing me.


Furthermore, she actually PROMOTES his Gofundme to her THOUSANDS of subscribers who trust her judgement:


I’m autohoaxing it. I don’t believe it. I haven’t seen evidence to support the claims of his Gofundme, and moreover, I’ve seen just the opposite. Josh Walker is just fine. He never was at Death’s Door.



Lost wages? But he can spend his time cyber-bullying me? Right….Donating to Josh Walker is just enabling him to spend more time harassing me, so go ahead. If you hate me, donate to Josh Walker. 

IN MY OPINION, UberFlatEarth Josh Walker is a malingering douchebag. If he was really on Death’s Door, he wouldn’t be doxing me, making video slide shows, and attempting to defame my character like all the other Flat Earth Cultists.



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