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“We are friends of Josh Walker’s. Recently Josh made a journey to the Salton Sea for the second time in one month with our group. His objective, help the world see the truth of the flat earth. Josh has a huge heart and he wants nothing more then to help his friends and family and the world to wake up to the flat reality. He devotes a lot of time to the cause. It is his biggest passion On this last trip josh became VERY ill. So Ill that he had to be rushed to the ICU. Where has been since Thursday night. He was on deaths door step. The doctors said they’ve never seen a case as bad as his and he was lucky he got to the hospital in time or else he would not have made it. He has been there for many of us when we needed him. It’s our turn to be there for him now. Please help us support our brother. He’ll be out of work for weeks recovering. Any support is greatly appreciated.”

Right after this, while in his “coma”, he made THIS video about ME:

So he can’t be THAT bad off… He’s trolling ME right now… While in the ICU? C’mon? And THIS guy was at the Salton Sea experiment..Seems legit…




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