Is Flat Earth Controlled by a Cult?

Good question.

I started speaking publicly on a number of topics. The repercussions have been way out of proportion to my “crime.”

I have aggregated dozens of stalkers, thousands of haters, and some really intense hostility from strangers I’ll never meet. Is it worth it? No.

Financially, it’s really not. Marcus Goldfinch and others have spent the better part of the last year working to destroy my character, reputation, and my relationship with family, friends, and employers.

I’ve been branded a “witch” in 2018. And “Illuminati witch.” All deliberate provocation, satire, and tongue in cheek humor aside, the people who see me as such REALLY BELIEVE IT.

As the target of Flat Earth Christian Extremists, I’ve become something of an unwitting celebrity. Infamous for not accepting a “domed firmament,” many have imagined me to be a needed Satan to oppose their version of God.

Recently, I was threatened by The Collective, a self-proclaimed group of a dozen Flat Earth Youtube Channels representing the “12 Tribes of Israel.” They have been demanding that I cease discussing the Flat Earth topic. Here is one such threat:

So it turns out that “The Collective” consists of Marcus Goldfinch and a bunch of Christian Flat Earth Youtubers, including the organizers of the Flat Earth International Conferences. It apparently includes many apparently nice, apparently Christian, Flat Earthers….. And they ALL stand by the death threats, harassment, stalking, and all the gross little rapey emails send to female siblings of mine.

THIS SIDE of the Flat Earth community has many of the aspects of a cult. A dangerous cult at that. And now that Marcus Goldfinch and The Collective have been outed, they are attempting to turn tables:

“We are giving you a chance to remove your activities from Youtube. Weather you do or don’t does not bother us in the least. But It will make a difference to FEIC and how they go about this bomb threat. How can they know you will not make more threats if you are still online berating them? This email will be checked again in 36 hours. TFEC”

Bomb threat? Lie. The Collective, the one behind the stalking of myself and my family, is now pretending like THEY are a victim, and that they represent the Flat Earth International Conference organizers…. none of whom have contacted me…so is The Collective speaking for them?

It would seem so. 

I called Robbie Davidson about The Collective and MGTV (Marcus Goldfinch) who claim I threatened to bomb the conference next year, and he hasn’t returned my call. I simply want to know: do the Flat Earth conference organizers get their information from Marcus Goldfinch / The Collective?

Does this not comport with what the Collective wrote to me before? See this email from  The Collective <>:

“Introducing The COLLECTIVE :We are:

12 Channels, representing the 12 Tribes of Israel.
We have 18 Million Views between us all on Youtube alone.
We know who you are and we know the past you have.
We know your true intentions regarding OUR Flat Earth
We are coming for you, Infinite Plane Society. You’re done.
Let our true intentions be known.

Let the Archangel sound the Trumpet… and may the wrath of GOD The Almighty reign down upon your head like a hailstorm from The Firmament. Let no man stand in our way. For the road to salvation has been taken from you and your path has been chosen for you. Death awaits.

The Redeemer.
On Behalf Of The Flat Earth Collective”


Here’s another couple gems from The Flat Earth Collective:

download (39)


download (7)

“SIEG HEIL” is a reference to the Jewish side of my family…The Collective routinely emails family to tell them to get on the pill….and of course the White Power/ NAZI stuff is thrown in for good measure. Very “Christian”, right?

So again, why am I doing this? Should I kowtow to the Christian NAZI fundamentalists who want to CONTROL this entire conversation?

Are we in a religious war? I’m starting to think so. I could go away as The Collective commands, and delete my content. Sure. Or, I could take my own life, as they have implored. These Christian fundamentalists can be MERCILIESS when it comes to non-believers.

Do you think we should let them win? Or are you a think and let think kind of person?

Content creation takes time; money; energy, and facing a MOB of people who want to shut me up makes this espectially difficult. I’d like to win, to drive a stake into the heart of The Collective, but I need a few more weeks to take the necessary actions. IC3 reports, local detectives, FBI, and I need a good attorney who can take this on a contingency basis.

I have tried crowdfunding, but Marcus Goldfinch (who has a networth of $1.4 million) has shut down my Gofundme accounts. (After crowdfunding billboard, a rocket, and some events, Goldfinch and Co went direct to Gofundme and accused me of fraud). They have suppressed my Youtube channels and crowdfunding attempts with relenteless sabotage, smear campaigns, and cyber-harassment over the past year. This is why I am writing to you.

I can really use some help here taking these final steps. Two weeks of my time, not working on art or selling business websites, just focused on taking down The Collective will requires about $2000 or so.  If you can pitch even a dollar, please do. I will deliver. Thank you again for your support this far. Slaying this BEAST means I can get back to philosophy, epistemology, and discussing the most facsinating topic of all time.

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