MGTV-Truth has been identified.

In addition to filing many DMCA claims, falsely and in bad faith, he has managed to keep me off of Youtube. Additionally, he has engaged in a year-long defamation campaign, online, and in real life by calling friends, family, and former employers.

“Kiss my P***,” he would tell me, as he made rapey-threats to family members, while also using the moniker “The Collective” to make more direct death threats and insinuations. He sent lewd comments about women to women I know, as  way of harassing them so they would put pressure on me to cease producing content.
MGTV’s stated goal was to get me off of Youtube. As “The Collective”, he engaged in blackmail and extortion which even involved “Mad” Mike Hughes. Mike was ordered to cut off contact with me by both MGTV and “The Collective”………..

“The Collective” includes MGTV and a couple of others, one of which is an ex-girlfriend of mine who took pictures of me as I slept and sent these images to Math Powerland and others in an attempt to embarrass/ shame me into silence. This year-long smear campaign included MGTV pretending to be me, using the domain to lead people to a channel he controlled, using my content, meanwhile he would keep my own real channels flagged off of Youtube.

He did a similar form of impersonation to Mike Hughes in the form of a “fan page” and used it to solicit media contacts that were meant for Mike.

MGTV-Truth has stated emphatically that his intention was to drive me off the Internet and to put a wedge between myself, my business contacts, friends, and family. He was secretly recording my private discord channel, often extorting others to do his work for him.

In short, this person is more than a stalker. He’s driven by a need to keep the conversation of Flat Earth within the Biblical worldview. He’s ideologically motivated, and coupled with the threats and his flagrant abuse of copyright laws, I’d say he’s an extremist. He extorts compliance with threats of character assassination. That’s pretty much it. “Do what I say, delete your content, OR everyone will hear about what I claim to know about you…” Or “Stay away from Tim Ozman, or the media will see you as associating with an evil person, blah blah blah…………..”

The death threats have all been reported to local law enforcement and the FBI. His name, number, address, is no longer a secret. The instant I have papers filed, I’ll go back to business as usual. I tried to maintain a consistent channel when the pervert cyber-harasser started using disgusting and anti-woman slurs at my sister-in-law, I had to draw a line.



Aside from this person, I have identified several other of my stalkers and will also move to sue them all individually in civil court. I want to see accountability. That’s what this is about. Accountability.

Please support this cause if you can. I can assure you there will be sparks. This will make SERIOUS headlines now that “Mad” Mike Hughes is involved.  Stay tuned………..



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