I’m in a unique position of having a famous stalker. The mask came off this creep one year and seven days from his first attempt at accessing my Gmail account.

Famous movie star? Not quite. To his credit, he’s been an extra on Lord of The Rings, Power Rangers, and a few other films. More impressive is his work as a stunt-man.

My stalker has been trained by Xena the Warrior Princess’ own stunt double!

I suppose I should be flattered. Most of my stalkers are broke, ugly, and massive failures. Marcus Goldfinch is an apparently successful person, albeit, one with a sick hobby:


So what do I do now?

I’m looking for legal representation. I want him charged with aggravated stalking, but I’m mostly interested in a civil suit. He needs to own his conduct. All of it. The False DMCA’s, the blackmail, the posing as a CIA agent, the death threats against my sister, the sending photos of my dead siblings to relatives accusing me of murder, etc etc etc…….

Marcus is a sicko. Sorry to say it.

I’m bringing this to an end. If you want to help with legal expenses click the link below.





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