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Feb 19, 2019




Flat Earth: Exit The Matrix Expo 2019, hosted by Daredevil “Mad” Mike Hughes


[Dateline: LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, May 25-May 26] — Two-day convention hosted by “Mad” Mike Hughes and featuring speakers on a variety of full red pill topics.  He will present a plan to prove the Earth flat or round once and for all to an international audience.

The list of topics to be presented includes not only Flat Earth but many other controversial subjects including climate change, 5G towers, crisis actors, mud flood theory, the truth about religion, and more. The full list of speakers will be announced in March.

The expo will be held at the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on May 25th and May 26th. It will also be streamed online as a pay per view event, as it is expected to sell out. Tickets available at ( )

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@Benny Bop you don’t seem to grasp the difference in comparative distance. The ISS can be seen by the naked eye when crossing the moon and not illuminated. At that size and that distance, it would be gone, unseen by the naked eye. I have seen jet streams being produced by very high altitude planes during day, where I could not discern the airplane by eye. I have night-watched with binoculars and seen high altitude planes by their blinking and head lights, which I could only see through the binoculars, the lights, though small, not seen by eye alone. I have to apologize, when I wrote my comment last night, I was tired, and I made some errors in my information and calculations. My tired mind was rather out of it. The average commercial flights fly at altitudes of 11 kilometers (near what you said), not 38km. And the highest flying commercial flights max out at 18km. But those are rare. You don’t even see those ones by eye. Your figure of 40x times the distance is more accurate, and my miscalculation of 10x was completely wrong. But this mistake only makes your cause worse. If you can barely see those planes at 11km, and virtually not at all at 18km, you will not by any means see an unilluminated ISS that is approx. the same size as a 747 at 35-40x distance. It is impossible. You mention signal mirrors… Even illuminated, the ISS is not likely to be seen. First off, it is not a mirror at all. It might have semi-reflective surfaces, but not at all as good as a perfect mirror. No… nowhere near it. Now take into account that a signal mirror, in order for you to see its reflecting light, must pass its angle of reflection past your view. When it is not reflecting directly into your face through the momentary back-and-forth passes, you will not see the signal. Now consider that the ISS, like in this video, is reflecting strong full light back directly to Jeran’s position. This is impossible through diffused scatter-light by the varying surfaces and angles of the ISS parts and reflective variances of the materials. The likelihood that the whole ISS could reflect back enough light altogether at just the right angle to allow Jeran to see it, and in addition, to do this along its entire path across Jeran’s sky, and keep its focused reflection just at Jeran’s position, is less likely than for you to win the lottery ten times in a row. For comparison, consider many shiney and reflective surfaces of skyscrapers in a city. You may be very far off, and the sun may be very low in the sky and able to reflect its light off some of those buildings. Now I have seen very mirror-like finishes on some of those glass skyscrapers, yet I have very rarely ever seen enough light reflect off those large mirror-like surfaces, and even when I have, it is usually only one or two buildings right in that sweet spot where the angle allows a horizontal reflection to my eyes. But of course, those building are more reflective than the ISS and often much larger too. No, the tiny ISS with its many angles and limited reflective surfaces cannot provide enough scattered light to be visible like Jeran saw it and still be 400km away. And common sense should tell you that it cannot provide a focused reflective surface with which to produce the strong reflection that Jeran and many others have observed. Especially since it isn’t one large flat surface, but long thin strips of varying angled materials spaced by large gaps in the structure. Something else is up, but it isn’t a flying tin can at the edge of space that’s been manned for 17 years straight.

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I’m addressing you now. Not writing about you or your silly antics, but now I am directly engaging. What is your intention? Is it, as you stated, to “destroy me”? Why don’t you come to Albuquerque? Bring a gun. I’ll stand in front of you with a gun. Is that what you need?

A confrontation?

Will the court order do the trick? Or is your obsession that compelling that you can’t leave me alone? Are you a homosexual? Is this a sex thing to you? Stalking and voyeurism go hand in hand. Are you sick?

Are you a soldier of Jesus Christ? Are you fighting to defend the religion you grew up with? Does your religion give you the moral high ground to persecute infidels?

What drives you to dedicate yourself to this? Is it glee? Does censorship make you feel powerful? Because it makes you weak, in fact. Are there people who stand by your attempts to police Youtube?

Do you think your standards or ideals ought to be enforced to the exclusion of all others?

Or are you just about silencing me? It’s futile to try. I have a big mouth.

Anyway, I’ll catch up to you soon.

Marcus, you cannot deny that I am your life.


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Two day convention hosted by “Mad” Mike Hughes and featuring speakers on a variety of full red pill topics, including Flat Earth.

Two day convention hosted by “Mad” Mike Hughes and featuring speakers on a variety of full red pill topics. A plan to prove the Earth flat or round will be presented to an International audience. The list of topics to be presented include Flat Earth and other controversial subjects. The full list of speakers is yet to be determined.

Tickets are now available on EVENTBRITE. Folow us on FACEBOOK for updates.



MGTV’s hate sites against me are down….But it’s too late for him. The damage has been done:

“An author of a book about the Earth being flat has filed a trademark infringement and cybersquatting suit against an unnamed defendant who is allegedly using his name to spread defamatory content.” —

“….author and internet radio personality who has been using the pseudo-name Tim Ozman for his fictional works since April 2010, the filing said. He regularly speaks on a talk show named “The Flat Earth Report” on The Flat Earth Network and is president of an organisation named The Infinite Plane Society.

The activist alleged that the  domains registered by the ‘John Doe’ defendant are:,,,,”